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Ohio’s Tax Rate History

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Ohio’s Tax Rate History   Ohio’s income tax rates have gradually been falling since 2005. Here’s a look at the rates before the 2005 reform, currently and as proposed. Source: State of Ohio. Note: bracket dollar figures adjusted slighted over the years. Taxable income    2004    2012    2015 0 – $5,150 0.74% 0.59%… Read more »

Economic and Political Realities that the United States and Ohio now face.

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Here are the economic and political realities that the United States and Ohio now face because of federal spending: The nation is running a $16 trillion debt that is exploding with an increase exceeding one trillion dollars each year – with no budgetary plan for restraint in the future. The federal government now borrows more… Read more »

Taxes Could Increase!

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If  Washington Does Not Reach A Budget Agreement You Can Expect To See Your Taxes Increase!  Unless the White House and Congress are able to reach an agreement on taxes and spending by the end of this year it looks like your family can expect to see [the government/Washington/the politicians] stick it to you. Get… Read more »