Will Washington Try to Take Credit For Ohio’s Job Creation?

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Ohio Governor, John Kasich, ran for Governor against incumbent Ted Strickland using job creation as a driving force for election. Kasich uses the issue today as a ruler measuring Ohio’s progress on job creation, often on Fox News, where he once hosted a show.


In an interview on April 2, with Neil Cavato, Kasich gave his best news to date: “We were the No. 1 job creator in America in February, and we are now the No.4 job creator in the last year.” That is followed by a loss of 400,000 jobs over the last four years, he says.


In January, the Governor announced that Ohio ranked 8th in the nation for Job Creation.


When Rob Nichols, a spokesman for the Governor, was asked for his basis in saying Ohio was No.1 in job creation in February and No.4 last year; he pointed out employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the news release from the Bureau with new numbers on March 30th. “In February, non-farm payroll employment increased in 42 states and the District of Columbia, and decreased in 8 states. The largest over-the-month increase in employment occured in Ohio, (up 28,300), followed by Texas and New York.”


Ohio added 73,500 jobs in February, earning the rank of No.4. The question is: Will Washington try to take credit for the work that Ohio Gov. Kasich, has done? Let’s hope not.


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